BS4576 uPVC Rainwater Downpipe System are available nominal sizes from 50, 82, 110, 160, 200, 250 & 315 mm. Each size is complete with a comprehensive range of fittings to suite the Architect or Engineers' requirements for various types of projects. Designed to fine tolerances, the system meets internationally recognized standards, complying with BS 4576. It made from superior grade uPVC raw material, the downpipe offers the benefits inherent in plastics such as lightweight, strength and corrosion resistance.

The uPVC downpipe has offered 4 different wall thickness categories. "Light & Normal" for exposed installation and "Medium & Heavy Duty" for casting within reinforced concrete (RC) columns and also for the underground sump's connection.

uPVC Rainwater Downpipe System ~ Products

In addition, the system offers several key advantages over other rainwater downpipe system likes: -

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